What are the documentary requirements needed during registration in HEAPS?

For licensed health facilities (hospitals, infirmaries, diagnostic laboratories, COVID-19 testing laboratories, birthing homes, dialysis centers/clinics, ambulatory surgical clinics, blood centers and psychiatric facilities): Copy of latest and valid License to Operate (LTO) and duly Accomplished Letter of Intent (LOI) duly signed by the head of health facility;

For Provincial/City/Municipal Health Offices, rural health units, barangay health stations, vaccination sites, TTMFs and other health facilities that may operate without a license: duly Accomplished LOI;

For health-related establishments designated by the Department of Health for COVID-19 response: Copy of certification from their respective CHD/MOH designating the health facility for COVID-19 response and duly accomplished LOI; and

For eligible health facilities not found in the system: Contact the concerned Center for Health Development (CHD)/DOH Regional Office in your area for inclusion.