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The Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) Program is a human resource development strategy of the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition, which involves the recruitment, training, deployment and supervision of volunteer workers or barangay nutrition scholars (BNS). Presidential Decree No. 1569 mandated the deployment of one BNS in every barangay in the country to monitor the nutritional status of children and/or link communities with nutrition and related service providers. PD 1569 also mandated the NNC to administer the program in cooperation with local government units.


To be able to deliver nutrition and nutrition-related services to the barangay by caring for the malnourished and the nutritionally vulnerable, mobilizing the community, and linkage building

Program Components

  1. Recruitment: A BNS is a trained community worker who links the community with service providers, with the following qualifications:
    1. bonafide resident of the barangay for at least four years and can speak the local language well;
    2. possess leadership potentials as evidenced by membership and leadership in community organizations;
    3. willing to serve the barangay, part-time or full-time for at least one year;
    4. at least elementary school graduate but preferably has reached high school level;
    5. physically and mentally fit;
    6. more than 18 years old, but younger than 60 years old.
  2. Training: Ideally, ten-day didactic training and a 20-day practicum. However, due to resource constraints this has become various forms, e.g. orientation and on-the-job training, or 5-day didactic training
  3. Benefits:
    1. Monthly travelling allowance
    2. Entitled to second grade Civil Service Commission (CSC) eligibility after completing two years of continuous and satisfactory service
    3. Others, e.g. BNS kit consisting of a bag and other materials related to performing tasks, e.g. forms; medical assistance and survivorship assistance

Target Population/ Client

Children 0-5 years old
Pregnant and lactating women
Families with 0-5 years old children and those with pregnant and lactating women

Area of Coverage


Partner Institutions

Local Government Units

Policies and Laws

  • Presidential Decree No. 1569, “Strengthening the Barangay Nutrition Program by providing for a barangay nutrition scholar in every barangay, providing funds therefore, and for other purposes”
  • NNC Memorandum No. 2017-011, “Guidelines for providing medical and survivorship assistance to Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS)”

Strategies, Action Points and Timeline

  • Capacity building of local government units along providing technical and administrative support to BNS.
  • Annual evaluation of performance of BNSs
  • Active pursuit of the amendment of PD 1569 by end of the 17th Congress
  • Revision of Guidelines on the Barangay Nutrition Scholars Program by end of December 2017

Program Accomplishments/ Status

  • 46, 293 BNS deployed as of August 2017
  • 23, 444 BNSs provided with travelling allowance in 2016 and 12, 686 as of 31 August 2017
  • 31 BNSs provided with medical assistance in 2016 and 8 as of 31 August 2017
  • 33 BNSs provided with survivorship assistance in 2016 and 30 as of 31 August 2017
  • Conduct of BNS Conferences every two years since 2011.
  • Organization of national and local federation of BNSs

Calendar of Activities

  • 2017 National BNS Conferences
  • 4-5 July: Sub-conference for BNS from Eastern, Western and Central Visayas
  • 19-20 July: Sub-conference for BNS from North Luzon
  • 9-10 August: Sub-Conference for BNS from Mindanao
  • 30-31 August: Sub-conference for BNS from Southern Luzon and NCR

Program Manager

Maria Lourdes A. Vega
Nutrition Policy and Planning Division
National Nutrition Council
Nutrition Building, 2332 Chino Roces Avenue Extension
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines 1630
Email address: [email protected]
(02) 843-1337
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]