The National Objectives for Health (NOH) 2017-2022 serves as the medium-term roadmap of the Philippines towards achieving universal healthcare (UHC). It specifies the objectives, strategies and targets of the Department of Health (DOH) FOURmula One Plus for Health (F1 Plus for Health) built along the
health system pillars of financing, service delivery, regulation, governance and performance accountability.This ultimately leads to the three major goals that the Philippine Health Agenda aspires for: (1) better health outcomes with no major disparity among population groups; (2) financial risk protection for all especially the poor, marginalized and vulnerable; and (3) a responsive health system which makes Filipinos feel respected, valued and empowered.This document was built on the initial draft of NOH 2017-2022 prepared by the DOH with the assistance of the Ateneo de Manila University School of Government (ASoG. The said draft, which was anchored on the Philippine Health Agenda, was updated to be consistent with the priorities and strategies of the F1 Plus for Health framework. Its people-centered goals, objectives and targets were hewn from a series of dialogues and consultations with policy- and decision-makers, implementers and other concerned officials from the government, private sector, selected local government units and non-government organizations. By vetting contentious policy issues, it was able to obtain direct technical and operational insights from these stakeholders, which were considered in defining the medium-term health sector goals, targets, strategies, and interventions across F1 Plus for Health pillars.Through this document, the DOH hopes to ensure uniform understanding of the F1 Plus for Health and guide agencies, local government units (LGUs) and other stakeholders in translating medium-term health policy directions, strategies and benchmarks into concrete programs and projects that will allow all Filipinos, especially the poor, to readily access and use affordable quality care, and thereby boosting universal healthcare.


• 147 pages
• Published on 2018