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The Department of Health spearheaded the creation of the Human Resources for Health Network (HRHN) Philippines which is a multi-sectoral body composed of 18 government agencies and non-government organizations. The Network seeks to address and respond to human resources for health (HRH) issues and problems by harmonizing policy directions and coordinate the actions of its members to ultimately attain quality health care for Filipinos.

HRHN was formally established during the launching and signing of the Memorandum of Understanding among its member agencies and organizations held on October 25, 2006 and is amended on January 2016.  The Network was grounded on the Human Resources for Health Master Plan (HRHMP) developed by the DOH and the World Health Organization.

The Network is composed of three (3) technical working committees namely: TWC on Entry, TWC on Workforce, and TWC on Exit and Re-Entry. An oversight committee composed of heads and authorized representatives of the member agencies was also formed to function as the decision-making body of the HRHN.

Vision: Collaborative partnerships for the development of adequate, globally competent and sustainable health workforce that is able to contribute significantly to the attainment of universal quality health care

The HRHN is a multi-sectoral organization working effectively for coordinated and collaborative action in the accomplishment of each member organization’s mandate and their common goals for HRH development to address the health service needs of the Philippines, as well as in the global setting.

To harness, mobilize and optimize the competencies and resources of the member-organizations in formulating, harmonizing and implementing policies and plans to develop and deploy HRH, and ensure their welfare such that they are enabled to provide universal quality health care.
Values:  Upholds the quality and quantity of HRH for the provision of quality health care in the Philippines.


The objectives of the HRHN is to harmonize the policies and coordinate the action of different agencies, accredited professional organizations, academic institutions, and mom-government organizations in the production, welfare, and development of HRH to deliver quality health care for the Filipinos by:

  1. Ensuring that the education and training of HRH is linked to health system needs;
  2. Ensuring that HRH are well-motivated and effectively contribute to the health system;
  3. Ensuring that the principles of ethical recruitment of international health personnel are promoted and practiced;
  4. Engaging in national and international partnerships and networks for the management and development of HRH;
  5. Ensuring that HRH planning, and policy monitoring and development are coordinated across different agencies; and,
  6. Protecting and upholding the rights of HRH to decent work, social dialogue and collective negotiations.



Lead Convener:

Pretchell P. Tolentino, MD, MCHM

OIC-Director IV

Health Human Resource Development Bureau

Department of Health

Contact Number: (02) 8651-7800 locals 4225-4226

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]