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Micronutrient Supplementation Program

The high prevalence of malnutrition is a significant problem that the country still faces. Micronutrient deficiencies, which is the primary cause of malnutrition, are known to cause intergenerational consequences especially to young children. Factors such as maternal nutrition and access to healthcare before, during, and after pregnancy critically affect the growth and development of their children. Moreover, the first years of their infants are crucial in creating strong health foundations. Hence, this program aims to provide supplementation and nutrition programs for pregnant mothers, infants, and children to reduce the prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies below public health significance.


Empowered healthy and well-nourished Filipino families


DOH and partners to align their strategic actions and exert collective and unified efforts to create a supportive environment for a sustainable and improved nutrition development


To reduce prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies (Vitamin A, Iron and Iodine) below public health significance

Type of Service

PhilHealth Benefit Package

  • Maternity Care Benefit Package (MCP)
  • Primary Care Benefit Package


  • Orientation on the Updated MOP on Micronutrient Supplementation

Implementation Support Materials

  • Job Aids for Health Workers on Micronutrient Supplementation
Partners Organization

List of Local Advocacy Partners

  • Philippine Information Agency
  • Presidential Communications Operations Office

Local/Youth/CSOs, NGOs

  • Scaling UP Nutrition Movement

International Partners

  • WHO
  • Vitamin Angels
  • Nutrition International