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Health Human Resource Development Bureau


HHRDB Organizational Chart


HHRDB is one of the Bureaus that directly reports to the Secretary of the Department of Health. It is part of the Administration Technical Cluster under the Functional Management Arrangements for Kalusugan Pangkalahatan as seen in the DPO 2011-3606 dated August 3, 2011 and DPO 2011-3606-A dated August 3, 2011. It is mandated to develop human resource for health and personnel administration related policies, programs, systems and standards to ensure adequate, competent, committed, effective and globally competitive human resource for health in collaboration with stakeholders, partners and other sectors.

HHRDB began as a Health Education and Personnel Training Project in 1951 with support from the International Cooperation Administration Philippine Council for United States Agency for International Development. It was established to support and expand the existing Division of Health Education and Information which was directly under the Office of the Secretary. It provided training to the different human resources for health in the Rural Health Units as mandated by the Rural Health Acts namely, Republic Health Act Nos. 1082 and 1891. Aside from providing training to personnel of the DOH, it was also responsible for developing and implementing health education and information programs.

The Project underwent several changes through the years. In February 1956, it became the Office of Health Education and Personnel Training by virtue of Republic Act No. 1241 or Health Reorganization Plan. In 1985, it was replaced with Health Education and Manpower Development Service by virtue of Executive Order No. 851. It was further reorganized into Health Manpower Development and Training Service by virtue of EO No. 119 dated January 30, 1987. This organization transferred the functions of Health Education Service to another office and expanded the functions of HMDTS to include health manpower planning, production and management. Through Executive Order 102 in 2000, it became the Health Human Resource Development Bureau.

Core Values

We are people and service oriented. We value equity in the provision of our services. We are visionary yet realistic. We value empowerment and participation. We are flexible and willing to take challenges. We move as a team. We strongly adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards and above all, we are committed men and women of integrity.


The pillar institution that builds and nurtures a sustainable Human Resources for Health (HRH) towards a healthy nation.


To advocate and catalyze actions that will support HRH development for a responsive and equitable health workforce needed to achieve UHC.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The Quality Objectives are established at different levels within the organization by establishing Quality Objectives and Plans.

We, the HHRDB as the pillar institution on Human Resources for Health of the Department of Health, are committed to guarantee adequate, competent, committed, effective and globally competitive HRH.

We shall engage with stakeholders to ensure responsive and equitable health workforce by institutionalizing the Human Resource for Health Management and Development Systems in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and shall continually improve our Quality Management System to the satisfaction of the citizenry.

This policy shall serve as the overall direction and intention of the organization pertaining to the provision of quality services. It shall be reviewed for continuing suitability and adequacy. It shall also serve as a framework for establishing the quality objectives.

The quality policy shall be posted at conspicuous places within the premises.