Newborn Screening Program

Newborn screening (NBS) is an essential public health strategy that enables the early detection and management of several congenital disorders, which if left untreated, may lead to mental retardation and/or death. Early diagnosis and initiation of treatment, along with appropriate long-term care help ensure normal growth and development of the affected individual. It has been an integral part of routine newborn care in most developed countries for five decades, either as a health directive or mandated by law. In the Philippines, it is a service available since 1996.


Every Filipino child will be born healthy and well, with an inherent right to life, endowed with human dignity and reaching her/his potential with the right opportunities and accessible resources.


To ensure that all Filipino children will have access to and avail of total quality care for the optimal growth and development of their full potential.


By 2030, all Filipino newborns are screened and properly managed for common and rare congenital disorders to reduce preventable deaths of newborns.

Type of Service

PhilHealth Benefit Package

  • Philhealth Newborn Care Package (NCP)
  • Amendment to Philhealth Circular 34 s2006 Philhealth NCP
  • Enhancement of Philhealth Newborn Care Package
Partners Organization


  • DOH Centers for Health Development

Local/Youth/CSOs, NGOs

  • Volunteer Youth Leaders for Health (VYLH)
  • Philippine Society for Orphan Disorders, Inc. (PSOD)
  • Newborn Screening Society of the Philippines, Inc. (NSSPI)

International Partners

  • Preventive Medicine Foundation, Taiwan – External Quality Assurance Program for G6PD Confirmatory Centers and Newborn Screening Centers
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – External Proficiency Testing and External Quality Assurance Program for Newborn Screening Centers