Newborn Hearing Screening Program

Hearing loss is known to be one of the most common disabilities among newborns. Prevalence studies worldwide revealed that approximately 1-4 infants per 1,000 live births are affected. A study conducted in a rural population in Bulacan in 2004 also revealed that 1 per 724 babies are born with bilateral severe to profound hearing loss. Thus, 0.14% or 8 of the babies born daily are estimated to have profound deafness in our country alone. Republic Act 9709, or the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention Act of 2008 (UNHS), establishes a program whose primary thrust is for the prevention, early diagnosis, and early intervention of hearing loss through requiring all newborns to have access to hearing screening. This program helps facilitate the early detection of hearing loss experienced by the 0.14% of newborn babies in the whole country.


No Filipino newborn shall be deprived of a functional sense of hearing.


1. To have all newborns undergo hearing screening prior to hospital discharge or within three months of born outside the hospital;
2. To provide an accessible, effective and efficient system of services
3. To implement time-bound intervention: hearing screening within the first month, hearing evaluation within the third month and early intervention by the sixth month
4. To provide the necessary services for hearing habilitation/ rehabilitation
5. To monitor the incidence and prevalence of hearing loss in the Philippines
6. To promote awareness and information campaign to the public about hearing loss


Every newborn shall be given access to physiologic hearing screening examination prior to hospital discharge or at the earliest possible time for the detection of hearing loss.

Type of Service

PhilHealth Benefit Package

  • Z-Benefits for Children with Hearing Impairment
  • Z-Benefit for Cochlear Implantation for Children


  • Integrated Orientation and Updates on RA 9709 and Category A Personnel Newborn Hearing Screening Certifying Course


  • Time bound intervention: 1-3-6 Approach Hearing screening within the 1st month- the right time to screen is on or after 24hrs and within 1st month of life Hearing evaluation within the 3rd month- follow-up testing must be done within 1-3 months and should include re-evaluation of both ears even if only one ear failed at initial screen. Early intervention by the 6th month- hearing aid fitting, hearing and behavioral rehabilitation must be recommended within 6-12 months
  • Approval and Certification of Newborn Hearing Screening Devices
  • Requirements and Certification of Screeners
  • Categories and Certification of Hearing Screening Centers