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Water Safety Program

Unsafe and contaminated drinking water is the primary cause of high incidence of waterborne diseases, specifically cholera, diarrhea, and typhoid.
Hence, the Water Safety Program aims to provide safe and accessible drinking water for the public. The quality of drinking water must always be within the criteria set by the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water to ensure that it is safe for human consumption. Within this program, water quality surveillance initiatives are also established to guarantee the operations and compliance of all drinking water service providers.


Safe and adequate drinking water for every household.


Ensure the safety of drinking water at the point of use.


Universal access to safe drinking water by 2030

Type of Service


  • Water Safety Plan Development
  • Water Safety Plan Review and Approval
  • Healthy Young Ones (HYO) Training

Implementation Support Material

  • Manual of Operations on Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (Provides the standards on drinking water quality and surveillance)
  • Manual of Operations on the Review and Approval of Water Safety Plan (Provides the detailed procedures and templates on the review and approval of water safety plan)
Partners Organization

List of Local Advocacy Partners

  • NEDA Sub-Committee on Water Resources
  • Water Task Force under the Inter Agency Committee on Environmental Health
  • DILG
  • NEDA
  • DENR
  • NWRB
  • LWUA

Local/Youth/CSOs, NGOs

  • UP CPH

International Partners

  • WHO