What are the three (3) risk categories? | Anu-ano ang tatlong (3) risk categories?

The 3 risk categories are:

1. High Risk - (7 to 9 POINTS) - Risk of exposure to COVID-19 is very likely as in areas or activities where HCW must directly cater or interact with a known COVID-19 patient, e.g. where HCW is required to:
a) triage and admit patients in emergency room,
b) enter a COVID-19 patient's room/ ward,
c) provide care for COVID-19 patient not involving or involving aerosol-generating procedures (e.g. intubation, cough, induction procedures, bronchoscopies, dialysis, surgeries, emergency procedures, oral procedures and exams, or invasive specimen collection), or,
d) collect and/or handle specimens, beddings, food utensils and other personal items from known or suspected COVID-19 patients,
e) transport of COVID-19 patients and remains including transport to, between and within health facilities.

2. Medium Risk-  (4 to 6 POINTS) Risk of exposure to COVID-19 is increased due to constant exposure to a large number of people, providing care to the general public who are not known or suspected COVID-19 patients, or working as a   staff in areas within a health facility  such as triaging patients in outpatient department, social services section, Malasakit Centers, RHUs/BHS, birthing clinic, and ambulatory clinic.

3. Low Risk- (1 to 3 POINTS) Risk of exposure to COVID-19 is not likely, such as in performing administrative/support duties in non-crowded or “clean areas” of health facilities or away from COVID-19 patients, e.g. records, billing and accounting, pharmacy, human resource department) as well as health offices (DOH Central and Centers for Health Development, PHO and CHO except for personnel which has higher exposure as detailed above).


Ang tatlong (3) risk categories ay ang mga sumusunod:

1. High Risk - (7 hanggang 9 na puntos) Mataas ang COVID-19 risk exposure sa partikular na area o mga gawain kung saan direktang naghahatid ng serbisyo ang HCW sa pasyenteng may COVID-19, kung saan kinakailangan ng HCW na:
a.) mag-triage at mag-admit ng mga pasyente sa emergency room;
b.) pumasok sa kwarto/ward ng pasyenteng may COVID-19;
c.) mag-alaga ng mga pasyenteng may COVID-19 na hindi nangangailangan o nangangailangan ng aerosol-generating procedures (hal. intubation, ubo, induction procedures, bronchoscopies, dialysis, pag-oopera, emergency procedures, oral procedures at exams, o pagkokolekta ng invasive specimen); o
d.) pagkokolekta at/o paghawak ng specimen, sapin sa kama, mga kagamitan sa pagkain at ibang personal na kagamitan ng pasyenteng pinaghihinalaan o mayroong COVID-19; at
e.) paglilipat ng mga pasyente o bangkay na mayroong COVID-19 tungo sa mga health facility.

2. Medium Risk (4 hanggang 6 na puntos) Medyo mataas ang risk exposure sa COVID-19 dahil sa palagiang exposure sa malalaking bilang ng tao, pag-aalaga sa publikong maaaring mayroon o pinaghihinalaang may COVID-19 o nagtatrabaho sa mga area sa health facility kagaya ng sa pag-tatriage ng mga pasyente sa outpatient department, social services section, Malasakit Centers, RHUs/BHS, paanakan, at ambulatory clinic.

3. Low Risk (1 hanggang 3 puntos) Mababa ang risk exposure sa COVID-19 dahil ang mga ginagampanang trabaho ay administratibo o suporta sa mga hindi matao o ""clean areas"" ng mga health facility o malayo sa mga pasyenteng may COVID-19. Ang mga trabahong ito ay kagaya ng paggawa ng record, billing at accounting, pharmacy, human resource department pati na rin ang mga health office (DOH Central at Centers for Health Development, PHO at CHO maliban sa mga tauhang mas mataas ang exposure na nabanggit sa itaas).