Who can be allowed for home quarantine? What are the requirements that must be met?

Designed for short-term physician-and-caregiver
directed care to help stable COVID-19 patients recover illness through provision of basic supportive management and psychosocial support, monitoring of warning signs of COVID-19 progression and prevention of further illness and hospital stay. Home quarantine shall be allowed for suspect, probable, and confirmed cases of COVID-19 who are either asymptomatic or with mild symptoms only and controlled comorbidities, provided that the following requirements are met:

a. Infrastructure

  1. Line of communication for family and health workers
  2. Electricity, portable water, cooking source
  3. Bathroom with toilet and sink, if possible, separate from family (if none, disinfect bathroom after use)
  4. Solid waste and sewage disposal
  5. Well- ventilated room

b. Accommodations

  1. Separate bedroom - no vulnerable person in the household
  2. Accessible bathroom in the residence

c. Resource for patient care and support

  1. Primary caregiver who will remain in the residence (not high risk for complications and educated on proper precautions)
  2. Medications for pre-existing conditions, as needed
  3. Digital thermometer (disinfected before and after use) and pulse oximeter
  4. Meal preparation
  5. Masks, tissues, hand hygiene products
  6. Household cleaning products