How will healthcare facilities be further sub-prioritized?

For priority group A1, all workers in a health facility shall be taken as a group. If the incoming supply of vaccines is lower than the population group to be vaccinated, sub-prioritization of facilities or institutions will be done based on (a) historical admission of COVID-19 cases and (b) allocated and occupied COVID-19 beds, in the following order:


a. COVID-19 referral hospitals designated by the DOH;

b. Public and private hospitals and infirmaries providing COVID-19 care, as prioritized based on service capability, starting from level 3 hospitals, to level 2 hospitals to level 1 hospitals, and then infirmaries;

c. Among hospitals with a common service capability, the order of priority shall be from facilities owned by the DOH, then facilities owned by LGUs, and then facilities owned by private entities;

d. Isolation and quarantine facilities such as temporary treatment and monitoring facilities and converted facilities (e.g. hotels, schools, etc) that cater to COVID-19 suspect, probable, and confirmed cases, close contacts, and travellers in quarantine;

e. Remaining hospitals including facilities of uniformed services not catering to COVID-19 cases;

f. Government owned primary care based facilities such as Urban Health Centers, Rural Health Units and Barangay Health Stations, birthing homes, and Local Health Offices to include members of BHERTS, contact tracers, social workers;

g. Stand-alone facilities, clinics and diagnostic centers, and other facilities otherwise not specified (e.g. clinics, dialysis centers, dental clinics, and COVID-19 laboratories), dealing with COVID-19 cases, contacts, and specimens for research purposes, screening and case management coordinated through their respective local government units; and

h. Closed institutions and settings such as, but not limited to, nursing homes, orphanages, jails, detention centers, correctional facilities, drug treatment and rehabilitation centers, and Bureau of Corrections.


Sub-prioritization for other priority groups shall be released in succeeding issuances.

Thursday, April 15, 2021