What is Local Investment Planning for Health (LIPH)?

Name of Office: Bureau of Local Health Systems Development

  • Medium term public investment planning for health is to be undertaken by Local Government Units in partnership with DOH, NGOs, CSOs, development partners and other stakeholders to attain local and national health sector refor goals through a bottom-up planning procedure that allows lower level units such as barangays, municipalities and component cities to have their plans incorporated in the province-wide health plan; or in the case of HUCs and ICCs, to have their plans consolidated in the city-wide health plan.
  • The resulting Local Investment PLAN for Health specifies the strategic direction of the concerned LGU for the next three years, in terms of improving health service delivery, strengthening the health systems operations and addressing social determinants of health, and actions and commitments of different local stakeholders. The LIPH translates national health goals (AmBisyon Natin 2040, Sustainable Development Goals, Philippine Development Plan and National Objectives for Health) into specific concrete actions at the local level.
  • The LIPH (plan) serves as the costed strategic plan of the Province/City-wide Health System (P/CWHS) for the implementation of the UHC, covering the needs of all its municipalities (for provinces) and barangays (for cities).