Who are involved in the implementation of the Cheaper Medicines Act?
  • The Secretary of Health has special powers to be able to make informed decisions and ensure the full implementation of the Law.  Such influence extends even to the Local Government Units where the DOH shall actively engage in meaningful partnerships to ensure the Law is followed.
  • The DOH is the main implementing and monitoring agency for Cheaper Medicines Act but this is not a sole responsibility of the Department.  DTI, IPO, FDA, PhilHealth, PITC, PITC Pharma Inc. are all collectively working together to get the intent of the Law done.  Moreover, the Secretary can deputize any other government agency for any purpose related to the implementation and apt enforcement of the Law and its IRR.
  • Private Sector participation, partnerships, and advice are encouraged and sought in terms of monitoring implementation, building capacity, and reporting violations of the Law and its IRR.