To implement these strategies, what are the important activities of the PPMP at present?

Name of Office: POPCOM

1. Pre-Marriage Counseling’s a half day orientation program for couples applying for marriage license.  It is designed to provide pre-marriage couples with a realistic view of what marriage is all about.

2. Presently, the centerpiece of the RP-FP Program is the Responsible Parenting Movement (RPM).  The Responsible Parenting Movement is a program to organize and activate a group of parents who would want to take on responsible parenting as a way of life.  This idea is brought down to where it really matters – the more than 42,000 barangays nationwide.  These groups of parents are organized through an 8-hour seminar (called “classes”) at the community level.  They are called as such because the participants who are parents will undergo an orientation on concepts and values of responsible parenting and how to achieve them.  These groups of parents are the critical mass that will evolve into a movement.

The RPM is now on its Phase II.  The aim of the Responsible Parenting Movement Phase II is to socially and economically empower the couple for them to carry out their plans and aspirations for their families.

The RPM Phase II is piloted in the Municipality of Tanay, Rizal in Region IV and in Marikina City in the National Capital Region (NCR).

3. On the Adolescent Health and Development component, the LEARNING PACKAGE FOR PARENT EDUCATION ON ADOLESCENT HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT (LPPED) was developed to equip parents with the necessary knowledge on adolescent sexual and reproductive health concerns as well as skills on how to communicate these concerns to their adolescent children.

The LPPED complements the training package for the youth and adolescent which is called “Sexually Healthy and Personally Effective Adolescent” or SHAPE.

4. On the Population and Development (POPDEV) Integration Program, the “Sourcebook on Designing and Implementing PHE Integrative Initiatives”   was developed to highlight the population, health, and environmental (PHE) concerns which are among the crucial development issues that have to be addressed as we are now beginning to feel the interlink of these three concerns and their impact on our lives.

5. On Gender and Development, the MAGNA CARTA OF WOMEN mandates all government offices, including government-owned and controlled corporations and local government units to adopt GENDER MAINSTREAMING as a strategy for implementing the law and attaining its objectives.  In this area, the PPMP is adopting the Men’s Responsibility on Gender and Development or MR GAD, which emphasizes the participation of males in the Gender and Development issues.  This is necessary because the male is the other half of the couple and without the participation of both partners, GAD issues cannot be easily resolved.