Is it possible that a scholar be removed from the Scholarship?

Yes. The following conditions shall be grounds for the removal of scholar from the Program after a written report of the partner midwifery school and thorough investigation by the DOH-HHRDB and the CHD concerned:

a. Failure to comply with school standards and policies

b. Falsification of submitted documents, application or enrollment under false pretense.

c. Failure to meet academic requirements with the school’s prescribed period of time due to absence within notice, reasons of willful neglect or other causes within his/her control, and upon request of the grantee.

d. Failure to pass the Midwifery Licensure Examination within two (2) years after completion of academic and PRC requirements.

e. Behavioral misconduct in such a manner as to bring embarrassment or humiliation to DOH and partner midwifery school

f. Engagement in reprehensive, illegal or subversive activities as defined by existing Philippine laws.

Failure of the scholar to observe above stipulations means he/she shall refund to DOH the total amount of tuition and matriculation fees already provided to the said scholar including all other expenses incurred with ten percent (10%) markup per year.