What are the governance structures and operational policies that should be observed for COVID-19 mitigation?

1. Designate COVID-19 Response Teams and Safety and Health Officers

2. Conduct internal risk exposure assessment through walk-through inspection to identify choke points and high-risk areas for mass gatherings, frequently visited  areas, highly touched surfaces, and other high-risk areas

3. Ensure adequate provision of personal protective equipment to all employees, regardless of employment status, such as:

  • Cloth or surgical masks,or face shield as necessary
  • Gloves and other appropriate PPE for all personnel tasked to do regular cleaning and disinfection of the workplace or institution

4. Reduce physical capacity in entities and business establishments

5. Use of digital tools

6. Guidelines and monitoring mechanism limiting unnecessary gatherings (e.g. face-to-face meetings, crowding in common areas, group activities, cating together)

  • Scheduling or clearance process for use of meeting rooms and other common areas
  • Limit the entry of visitors or entertain only on scheduled visits
  • Use of plated meals as standard means of food packaging
  • Limit use of pantries and dining areas especially in those without physical barriers or ventilation

7. Availability and adequacy of public and private shuttle services or transportation modes to and from work

  • Observe reduced capacity in compliance to the standards set by the Department of Transportation and other relevant national guidelines
  • Conduct proper health screening prior to entry to the vehicle
  • Documentation per passenger per trip to enable contact tracing
  • Schedule shuttles to designated groups or bubbles to limit the number of possible contacts, as much as possible
  • Develop mechanisms for provision of other safe and innovative modes of transportation, such as but not limited to, gas allowances or subsidies, and the like

8. Disinfection, which include the following actions at the minimum:

  • Develop a routine schedule for disinfection such as at least twice a day cleaning and disinfection for high contact surfaces; such as telephones, printers, biometric machines, copiers, physical barriers, etc
  • Disinfect specific operations, facilities, and/or work areas depending on their use
  • Use of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - approved disinfectants
  • Developing lockdown disinfection protocols such as having a 24-hour lockdown period for disinfection, only after which canit be opened for use to other personnel or occupants

9. Employers shall be encouraged to establish flexible policies on the provision of sick leaves and health benefits.