What is the difference between Sex and Gender?

Name of Office: FHO, NCDPC



Primarily refers to physical attributes-body characteristics notably sex organ which are distinct in majority of individuals.

Is the composite of attitudes and behavior of men and women (masculinity and femininity)

Is biologically determined – by genes and hormones media; thus it

Is learned and perpetuated primarily through: the family, education, religion (where dominant) and is an acquired identity

Is relatively fixed/constant through time and across cultures

Because it is socialized, it may be variable through time and across cultures.

Sexuality: Encompasses personal and social meanings as well as sexual behavior and biology. It includes ways our bodies develop and respond sexually, includes sexual acts: kissing, touching, intercourse, includes feelings about these activities and responses. Also includes what we think is right and wrong, good or bad. Includes life experiences that have shaped these feelings and values.