The Department of Health-Metro Manila Center for Health Development (DOH-MMCHD) continues to assist in the disbursement of benefits for healthcare workers and support staff, which include the One COVID-19 Allowance (OCA), Special Risk Allowance (SRA), Meals, Accommodation, and Transportation (MAT) Allowance, and COVID-19 Sickness and Death Compensation.

For OCA, Php 86,507,118 has already been released to 54 health facilities since January 2022. A total of Php 403,492,881 from the recently released OCA has already been allocated to 266 health facilities and is readily available, however it is pending and for issuance of check due to lack of submitted documents, especially the signed Memorandum of Agreement and liquidation report from the previously transferred funds to the health facility.

Alongside OCA, disbursements for SRA and MAT are also ongoing. For SRA, a total of Php 639,961,524 has been issued to 234 health facilities since February 2022; Php 581,302,189 of which has been claimed by 218 facilities, while Php 58,659,335 for 16 facilities remains unclaimed.

For MAT, an amount of Php80,768,000 has been issued to 47 health facilities; Php76,631,000 has been claimed by 34 facilities and Php4,137,000 remains unclaimed by 13 health facilities.

For COVID-19 Compensation, a total amount of Php180,000.00 has already been released to 12 health workers from the amount released by Department of Budget and Management (DBM) this May, 2022. Php7,020,000 is ready for claiming by 468 claimants, awaiting completion of their requirements. It can be recalled that last May 20, 2022, the DOH-MMCHD reported through its news release, that the office has started distributing this benefit and has been duly received by the individuals at the agency’s office.

“Every fund transferred to the health facilities need to be liquidated before we can release succeeding funds, thus, even if we are ready to release their checks, most of them have not yet liquidated previous funds transferred to them,” Regional Director Gloria J. Balboa appeals to the health facilities for the submission of their liquidation reports, as well as to the health workers to coordinate with and help their management in complying the requirements.

Finally, the DOH-MMCHD unceasingly recognizes the needs of the health care workers and continuously improves its operations to expedite the distribution of the aforementioned benefits.

Concerns on the COVID-19 Compensation may be coursed through [email protected], as concerns on OCA may be sent to [email protected] (District 1), [email protected] (District 2), [email protected] (District 3), and [email protected] (District 4).