Press Statement of Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque on the DOJ-DOH Meeting

25 June 2019

PhilHealth has been in hot water over fraudulent claims over the past few weeks, from WellMed Dialysis Center to fake receipts, and other unsubstantiated allegations. I strongly denounce and condemn in no uncertain terms all forms of fraud that threaten the sustainability and integrity of our social health insurance system.

With the leadership of President Duterte, the Department has taken action to bring justice to this matter and right what is wrong. I pledge my full commitment to cooperate with the Department of Justice led by Secretary Guevarra to put an end to these nefarious activities. I have asked the DOJ to include myself in the conduct of a full-blown, unbiased investigation. The DOJ has my full support in this top-to-bottom investigation so that once and for all the concerned individuals are made accountable for their actions.

Issues have been made against me in media. Let us not get distracted. The issue is not about me. The issue here is about corruption and fraud. My duty is to act on President Duterte’s anti-corruption campaign, and all forms of corruption in the Department and its attached agencies, most especially where the social health insurance funds are siphoned. It must stop and end now.

We will crack the whip to implement ZERO tolerance for corruption. President Duterte has already named Gen. Ricardo Morales as the incoming PhilHealth President and CEO- a strong choice for shepherding PhilHealth. I am optimistic that the new PhilHealth Board will convene soon to ensure increased transparency and continued health insurance service for the Filipino people.

To the health care providers, I am reiterating my earlier warning: do not cheat the system nor even attempt to do it. The same goes to our PhilHealth officials. We are one with the President and the Filipino people in seeking for truth and justice. As we are about to implement a landmark legislation, the Universal Health Care Act, I appeal to all of you -- the media, officials in all levels of the government, our health professionals / health care providers, to unite in the cause of fighting for better health care for all, fix the system, and ensure good governance above all.