DOH, USAID RenewHealth to Launch Lusog-Isip Mobile App for Mental Health

Joint Press Release | 15 October 2021

In celebration of National Mental Health Week, the Department of Health (DOH), in collaboration with USAID RenewHealth, launched on October 15 Lusog-Isip, the first mobile application for mental health and self-care for Filipinos.

Lusog-Isip was developed in response to the growing need for mental healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the delivery of traditional face-to-face interventions has become more challenging. It aims to expand access to culturally-adapted, evidence-based tools and interventions on mental health, emphasizing self-help and self-care.  The app screens individuals so it can get a better sense of their overall well-being and how they usually cope with stress, before recommending ways they can help themselves through workbooks, exercises, audio guides, journaling, mood tracking, or simple self-care reminders. If users feel they really need to speak to someone, they can also access a list of mental health and psychosocial support service providers near them or online.

“This app is a timely innovation and we thank our partners at USAID for making this a reality. As the DOH and our health workers strive towards coping and living with this pandemic, we must find ways to care for the mental well-being of our fellow Filipinos who continue to suffer because of this current circumstance. Lusog-Isip is a self-care app and one way we can bring mental healthcare more accessible to those who need it” said Ms. Frances Prescilla Cuevas, Chief Health Program Officer of the DOH Mental Health Division.

The presentation of the initial evaluation of the app will be held on October 15 during the 4th Public Health Convention on Mental Health to be hosted by the DOH. Lusog-Isip will be available for both Android and iOS devices through the Google Play and Apple App Store.