About PMHN


  • Migrants and their families enjoy the fundamental right to health


  • To create and improve the necessary conditions, both within the health system and the broader society, for the promotion and protection of the health of migrants and their families


  • To improve the health of Overseas Filipinos (OFs) and their families


  • To increase awareness and improve access of OFs and their families to quality health care and services;
  • To improve policy, plan and management systems in support of migrant health;
  • To secure and sustain technical and financing resources for migrant health; and
  • To strengthen regulatory measures towards quality health services for OFs.


  • Discuss ideas, experiences and perspectives on migrant health issues and provide recommendations to appropriate agencies/organizations;
  • Advocate and lobby support for migrant health program and issues;
  • Develop and review proposals of migrant health related projects for resource mobilization; and
  • Establish migrant health research agenda and review research proposals.

PMHN Structure