COVID-19 Policies
Issuance Date Title
Administrative Order No. 2022-0001-A September 16, 2022 Amendment to Administrative Order No. 2022-0001 entitled "Guidelines for COVID-19 Risk Exposure Classification of Healthcare Workers"
Department Circular No. 2022-0397 July 26, 2022 Clarification and Updates on the Grant of COVID-19 Health Care Worker Benefits
Department Memorandum No. 2022-0252 June 20, 2022 Interim Operational Guidelines on the Administration of Additional Doses of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to Immunocompromised Pediatric A3 ages 12 to 17 Years Old
Department Memorandum No. 2022-0259 June 15, 2022 Supplemental guidelines to the DOH-DBM JAO No. 2022-0001 for the processing of COVID-19 sickness and death compensation claims for eligible public and private health workers for calendar years 2020 and 2021
Joint Circular No. 2022-0002 May 12, 2022 Implementing Guidelines on the Grant of COVID-19 Sickness and Death Compensation to Eligible Public and Private Health Care Workers (HCWs) and Non-HCWs for FY 2022
Department Memorandum No. 2022-0154 April 22, 2022 Interim operational guidelines on the administration of 2nd COVID-19 vaccine booster doses to Immunocompromised Population (ICPs) ages 18 years old and above
Department Memorandum No. 2022-0141 March 31, 2022 Interim guidelines for health facilities in transition to the endemic phase of COVID-19
Department Circular No. 2022-0108 February 23, 2022 Reiteration of the PhilHealth benefit packages for inpatient management of confirmed Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and clarification of coverage of probable cases
Department Circular No. 2021-0483-A February 11, 2022 Amendment to DC 2021-0483 entitled "Interim operational guidelines on the COVID-19 vaccination of the rest of the pediatric population ages 12-17 years old"
Department Circular No. 2021-0464-B February 11, 2022 Further amendment to DC 2021-0464 entitled "Interim operational guidelines on the COVID-19 vaccination of pediatric population ages 12-17 years old with comorbidities"
Joint Circular No. 2022-0001 February 10, 2022 Guidelines on the grant of one COVID-19 allowance (OCA) to Public and Private Health Care Workers (HCWs) and Non-HCW's in health facilities involved in COVID-19 response
Department Memorandum 2022-0041-A February 04, 2022 Amendment to DM No. 2022-0041 dated January 24, 2022 entitled "Interim Guidelines on the management and administration of Tozinameran COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (nucleoside-modified) [Comirnaty] Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to pediatric population ages 5-11 y/o