Press Release | 11 August 2020 
The Department of Health in it’s BIDA Solution campaign, revealed that following the behavioral changes can cut down the virus transmission by up to 96%. 
Dr. Beverly Ho, Director IV of Health Promotion Bureau in the DOH’s Public Health Services Team, said, “physical distancing, wearing of face mask and faceshield can lower the chances of virus transmission.”  
According to recent studies, the wearing of masks reduces transmission by 96% for N95 masks and 67% for non-N95 masks, while the observance of physical distancing by one meter can reduce the chance of transmission by 82% with protection increasing as distance is lengthened. Moreover, studies also show that the use of face shields can be used complementary to face masks to further reduce transmission. However, DOH emphasizes that faceshields should not be used as substitutes for face masks and should only be used in addition to masks as added protection. 
The BIDA Solusyon sa COVID-19 Campaign encourages the public to regularly adopt the minimum health standards as a behavioral lifestyle as we course through the new normal. The acronym “BIDA” stands for the following: 
B stands for ​bawal and walang mask or not wearing of a mask is prohibited; ​I stands for i-sanitize ang mga kamay, iwas hawak sa mga bagay or always wash or sanitize and avoid touching things; ​D means ​dumistansya ng isang metro ​ or maintain a distance of at least one meter; and ​A stands for​alamin ang totoong impormasyon or know the correct information and updates about the pandemic. 
As part of the BIDA campaign, the Department released a habit forming checklist which summarizes and simplifies the minimum public health standards.  
The first item on the checklist is the wearing of masks: this prevents a person from releasing droplets through the nose and mouth while protecting him from inhaling bacteria and viruses in the air. The second focuses on hand hygiene and disinfection: hand washing has been proven to greatly minimize the chances of contracting the virus as it destroys the structure of the virus. Furthermore, frequent disinfection of commonly touched areas or things is a must.  
Also part of the checklist is maintaining physical distance as it reduces the transmission of the virus which happens through close contact, while wearing eye protection is recommended as it shields the virus from entering the eyes, which is another entry point. 
As a reminder to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the checklist also encourages the public to always bring water and stay hydrated. According to DOH, ensuring that one’s well-being is in optimal condition lessens the likelihood of a person from falling ill. Bringing your own water prevents the public from fetching water through water dispensers which are high touch points and possible source of the virus. 
Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire reminded the public to remain vigilant and continue championing the BIDA solution by following the health protocols, especially when leaving the house. “​Kung maaari po ay mag-stay at home na lamang tayo. Ngunit kung hindi talaga maiiwasan ang paglabas, ugaliin natin na sundin ang BIDA CHECKLIST at mag​ disinfect tuwing darating sa bahay at bago makisalamuha uli sa pamilya. Ito po ang pinakamainam na paraan para maprotektahan natin ang ating mga sarili, pamilya, at komunidad.”