Press Release | 5 February 2021

Relative to arising issues that some laboratories are hesitant to lower their prices below the stated reference price, the DOH and the DTI clarify that private and public laboratories may charge patients for COVID-19 testing at a price lower than the reference price indicated in DOH Circular No. 2020-0391. Both agencies stress that this is allowed, provided that the quality of service is maintained.

The DOH and DTI assure that no sanctions will be imposed on those who wish to lower their prices. However, those who will overcharge above the maximum price cap of PhP 5,000.00 for private laboratories and PhP 3,800.00 for public laboratories will be penalized. Further, it must be noted that the amounts indicated as price caps are subject to periodic review and may change depending on prevalent economic factors.

The DOH and DTI recognize that Filipinos should be protected from undue financial risks when availing of the RT-PCR testing, which is an essential service in this time of public health emergency. Hence, we will continue to monitor, evaluate, and enforce these prices to ensure that COVID-19 testing remains affordable and of quality.