Mycobacterium leprae or leprosy bacili

Mode of Transmission

Airborne: inhalation of droplet/spray from coughing and sneezing of untreated leprosy patient

Signs and Symptoms

*long standing skin lesions that do not disappear with ordinary treatment
* loss of feeling/numbness on the skin
* loss of sweating and hair growth over the skin lesions
* thickened and/or painful nerves in the neck, forearm, near elbow joint and the back of knees

Immediate Treatment

Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT)

* Go to the nearest health center for immediate treatment

Prevention and Control

* treat all leprosy cases to prevent spread of infection
* young children should avoid direct contact with untreated patients
* practice personal hygiene
* maintain body resistance by healthful living

   o good nutrition
   o enough rest and exercises
   o clean environment