Universal Health Care Policies

Issuance Issuance Date Title
Administrative Order No. 2020-0043 September 11, 2020 Guidelines on Ensuring the Affordability of Essential Medicines in DOH Facilities Through the Regulation of Price Mark-ups
Administrative Order No. 2021-0020 February 26, 2021 Revised Guidelines on National Practice Guideline Development, Adoption and Dissemination
Administrative Order No. 2021-0035 May 11, 2021 Mandatory Provision of Fairly Price Generics in support of the Universal Health Care Act
Joint Administrative Order No. 2021-0001 DOH-DILG-PHIC May 19, 2021 Guidelines on the Implementation of Telemedicine in the Delivery of Individual-Based Health Services
Administrative Order No. 2020-0047 September 30, 2020 Rules and Regulations Governing the Licensure of Primary Care Facilities in the Philippines
Joint Administrative Order No. 2020-01 DOH-PRC July 15, 2020 Guidelines on the Certification of Primary Care Workers for Universal Health Care
Joint Administrative Order No. 2021-0001 DOH-CHED-USFASTEB-PRC-TESDA-DOST August 11, 2021 Guidelines for Expanding Health Professional and Health Worker Scholarships and Return Service Agreements for Universal Health Care
Joint Administrative Order No. 2021-0001 DOH-PRC January 20, 2021 Guidelines on the Establishment, Utilization, and Maintenance of the National Health Workforce Registry (NHWR)
Joint Administrative Order No. 2020-01 DOH-CHED-PRC June 30, 2021 Guidelines for the Reorientation of Health Professions Education Curricula and Training Programs to Primary Health Care (PHC)
Administrative Order No. 2020-0038 August 20, 2020 Guidelines on the Deployment of Human Resources for Health under the National Health Workforce Support System