Universal Health Care Policies

Issuance Issuance Date Title
Administrative Order No. 2020-0058 December 21, 2020 Guidelines on the Transformation of the Health Promotion and Communication Service (HPCS) to the Health Promotion Bureau (HPB)
Administrative Order No. 2020-0042 September 11, 2020 Health Promotion Framework Strategy in Province-wide and City-wide Health Systems
Administrative Order No. 2021-0015 February 11, 2021 Standards on Basic and Non-Basic Accommodation in All Hospitals
Administrative Order No. 2021-0029 April 14, 2021 Guidelines on the Prioritization of Processing of Applications for DOH Authorizations of Health Facilities located in GIDAs in the Philippines
Administrative Order No. 2020-0023 May 27, 2020 Guidelines on Identifying Geographically-Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas and Strengthening their Health Systems
Administrative Order No. 2021-0035 May 11, 2021 Mandatory Provision of Fairly Price Generics in support of the Universal Health Care Act
Administrative Order No. 2021-0008 January 18, 2021 Guidelines in Public Access to Price Information of All Health Services and Goods in Health Facilities in the Philippines
Joint Administrative Order No. 2021-0001 DOH-PHIC-DTI January 07, 2021 Constitution of the Price Negotiation Board and Implementing Guidelines on Price Negotiation for Innovative, Proprietary, Patented and Single-Sourced Health Commodities
Administrative Order No. 2021-0038 June 11, 2021 Framework for the Philippine Essential Medical Devices List and Price Reference Index
Administrative Order No. 2020-0039 August 20, 2020 Guidelines in the Implementation of Maximum Retail Price (MRP) on Drugs and Medicines