Universal Health Care Policies

Issuance Issuance Date Title
PHILHEALTH CIRCULAR No. 2020-0002 January 20, 2020 Governing Policies of the PhilHealth Konsultasyong Sulit at Tama (PhilHealth Konsulta) Package: Expansion of the Primary Care Benefit to Cover all Filipinos
PHILHEALTH CIRCULAR No. 2020-0021 December 16, 2020 Accreditation of Health Care Providers for PhilHealth Konsultasyong Sulit at Tama (PhilHealth Konsulta) Package
PHILHEALTH CIRCULAR No. 2020-0022 December 19, 2020 Implementing Guidelines for the PhilHealth Konsultasyong Sulit at Tama (PhilHealth Konsulta) Package
Administrative Order No. 2020-0024 May 20, 2020 Primary Care Policy Framework and Sectoral Strategies
Joint Administrative Order No. 2020-0001 DOH-PHIC December 20, 2020 Guidelines on the Registration of Filipinos to a Primary Care Provider
Department Circular No. 2020-0176 April 13, 2020 Circulation of the Manual of Standards for Primary Care Facilities
PHILHEALTH CIRCULAR No. 2020-0024 December 28, 2020 Governing Policies on No Co-payment or No Balance Billing for PhilHealth Benefit Packages
Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 11332 April 26, 2019 IRR of Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act
Administrative Order No. 2020-0036 August 04, 2020 Guidelines on the Institutionalization of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Health (DRRM-H) in province-wide and city-wide health systems
Administrative Order No. 2020-0040 September 07, 2020 Guidelines on the Classification of Individual-based and Population-based Primary Care Service Packages