Investing in resilient and sustainable health facilities towards Universal Health Care, the Department of Health (DOH) on May 25, 2023 endorsed to the Office of the President the Philippine Health Facility Development Plan (PHFDP) 2020-2040. Today, the Palace makes its adoption official through Memorandum Circular No. 26 signed by Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin.

The PHFDP 2020-2040, which ensures promotion of human and social development by boosting health through an accessible, responsive, and strengthened health system, articulates the required investments for health facilities to be established in local areas. It uses a needs-based approach, accounting for the future burden of disease in estimating the needed health facilities in the medium to long-term goals. The Plan follows the service delivery model envisioned in the Universal Health Care (UHC) Act of 2019: a primary care-oriented and integrated health system. Also, it outlines approaches for health facilities to be climate-resilient and environmentally-sustainable.

Based on the Memorandum Circular, the DOH, in coordination with the Department of Interior and Local Government, shall facilitate the dissemination and ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the PHFDP 2020-2040 at the LGU level. The agency is also tasked to assist, guide, and support LGUs in translating the PFHDP 2020-2040 into long-term local health facility development plans to be reflected in their respective Local Investment Plans for Health and Local Development Investment Programs and coordinate with LGUs in order to formulate policies relative to the establishment of Primary Care Provider Networks and Health Care Provider Networks.

Further, the health agency is also set to monitor the implementation of the PHFDP 2020-2040 and the development of local health facilities, encourage LGUs to enter into Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) to address the gaps identified in the PHFDP 2020-2040, and issue necessary guidelines to effectively implement the  circular. The Department is also tasked to submit annual reports to the Office of the President on the progress and operation thereof.

The realization of PHFDP requires the collaboration and dedication of multiple agencies. With the unwavering support and commitment of various departments, the DOH will ensure the comprehensive and efficient implementation of the PHFDP, ensuring its substance is adhered to and its objectives are accomplished expediently.

“The DOH sincerely thanks President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. for adopting the PHFDP aimed at transforming Filipino lives through an integrated healthcare system and sustainable healthcare facilities and services. By working with national and local government units, we shall be able to establish healthcare facilities that can stand the test of time, and build more primary care provider networks, specialty centers, and integrated healthcare provider networks within localities. The adoption of the PHFDP is a milestone in health, which will ultimately reinforce the goals of the Department’s 8-point Action Agenda”, said DOH Secretary Teodoro Herbosa.