The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Wednesday reported that out of 8.4 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines administered, as of June 20, only 0.6% reported reactions and no hospitalization and deaths due to COVID 19 were observed after more than 14 days of getting the second dose.

According to the preliminary data presented by Director General Domingo, some COVID 19 infections occurring after vaccination were recorded after more than 14 days from the second inoculation but all were mild cases. Sinovac with 1.6 million individuals completing the two doses recorded 33 such infections. AstraZeneca with 428,000 individuals vaccinated with the full dose recorded one (1) COVID 19 infection. Pfizer had one infection after 82,800 individuals were vaccinated with two doses. There were no recorded infections in Sputnik V among the 14,000 individuals who received the full dose.

The performance of COVID-19 vaccines in the country as initially reported by the FDA supports the results of the clinical trials and real-world data reported by several countries that vaccines prevent hospitalization and deaths. Health experts locally and abroad have reiterated the importance of getting vaccinated as an additional layer of protection against COVID-19.

Additionally, FDA reported that common reactions after vaccination included increased blood pressure, pain in the injection site, headache, fever, dizziness, rashes, and respiratory symptoms. Moreover, no local events of blood clotting and myocarditis were reported.

“To date, the evidence gathered from all causality assessments has concluded that all serious reactions reported were unrelated to the COVID-19 vaccine. We reiterate that vaccines with emergency use authorization are safe and effective against COVID-19 and the benefits of using them outweigh the risks,” said Director General Eric Domingo.

Further, the DOH and FDA emphasized the importance of completing the required two (2) doses, as maximum protection sets in two (2) weeks after getting the second dose.

“Gaya ng ating nakita sa mga clinical trial, kapag tayo ay nakakompleto ng 2 dose ng bakuna ay walang naospital at walang namatay dahil sa COVID-19 matapos ang 14 araw. Vaccines do protect us from getting severe COVID-19 and prevent hospitalization and death. We urge everyone to get vaccinated when it is their turn to protect themselves and their families against COVID-19,” said Health Secretary Francisco Duque III.

While the preliminary report shows that chances of hospitalization and death are reduced, fully vaccinated individuals may still get infected with COVID-19 and therefore may still infect others, especially those who have not received their vaccines yet. DOH and FDA remind the public to not let their guards down — continue practicing the minimum public health standards, adhere to safety protocols, and encourage one another to register and get their vaccines as soon as possible.