Press Statement/26 February 2019

The Department of Health had a Php 7.4 billion budget for its national immunization program in 2018. Based on our public records, we had a 98% utilization rate which translates to an expenditure of Php 7.30 billion. Bulk of the budget was allocated for the procurement and use of vaccines for all life stages including infants, adolescents, and senior citizens, while the rest were for injection devices.

Specifically, for the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccines which are currently in use, we ensured that all doses planned have been procured, despite inflation of vaccine costs. We unfortunately still witnessed a drop in the vaccination rate due to vaccine hesitancy.

To this end, we continue to strengthen our information campaign. We are grateful to the Office of the President for their support in boosting our campaign to educate the public of the importance of vaccination and to correct misconceptions about it.

Vaccination only works when there is collective action. We very much hope to get the support of the public, government agencies and civil societies in our fight against measles and misinformation.