Four of the most prominent associations of medical professionals in the Philippines have released a strong solidarity statement in support of Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III and the Department of Health (DOH) as they lead the country’s fight against COVID-19.


“We in the PMA-PHA-PHAPI-PCHA put so much faith and give a ten-out-ten (10/10) score in the manner that the DOH, led by Secretary Duque, is handling the medical side of the COVID-19 crisis given what is available and its limited resources at the moment,” read the statement.


The statement was signed by its respective presidents: Dr. Jose P. Santiago, Jr. (Philippine Medical Association), Dr. Jaime A. Almora (Philippine Hospital Association), Dr. Rustico A. Jimenez (Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines), and Dr. Hubert F. Lapuz (Philippine College of Hospital Administrators).


The statement also noted that “the decision of the Secretary is the sum of all efforts of the private and government experts” in the fight against COVID-19 and expressed confidence that through these efforts “we will corner this virus and place it to its final resting place.”


The membership of the four associations expressing solidarity with Duque and DOH include among their ranks epidemiologists, microbiologists, virologists, infectious disease specialists, and other highly-trained medical professionals who play an essential role in the scientific battle to treat COVID-19 patients and flatten the epidemic curve.


Duque expressed gratitude to the medical associations for their unwavering support for him and the DOH amid the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic.


“I am honored and humbled to know that my peers in the medical profession appreciate the service of our DOH family to protect our fellow Filipinos from this terrible disease. The Department and I will continue to rely on the medical expertise and moral support of our white-coat comrades in the war against COVID-19,” Duque said.