The Hopeline has been a reliable partner in providing hope and support for Filipinos with mental health issues. The Department of Health extends its gratitude to the Natasha Goulburn Foundation (NGF) for this partnership.

 It is unfortunate, however, that the DOH cannot continue funding Hopeline beyond October 2019. The DOH is required to adhere to the stringent government rules for procurement. After several consultations, it became clear that it is necessary for DOH to set up its own crisis hotline through the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) upon the signing of the Mental Health Act of 2019. 

Rest assured that the DOH will continue to support the advocacy of NGF to uphold the rights of all Filipinos living with mental health conditions. 

For those who are in need of help, the new NCMH crisis hotline is accessible through 0917899-USAP (8727) or 989-USAP.