Press Release | 9 March 2024

The Department of Health (DOH) brings Tara, KonsulTayo! National Health Fair, an open and free health caravan for all age groups, at Liwasang Aurora in Quezon City Memorial Circle on March 9–10, 2024 to promote health and primary care and empower Filipinos with a proactive approach towards healthcare.

Guided by President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, Jr.’s health directives as detailed in the Health Sector’s 8-point Action Agenda, particularly “Pag-iwas sa sakit”, the National Health Fair sought to improve health literacy and promote health-seeking behavior. The two-day National Health Fair followed a four-tier consumer journey approach: Sumali, Matuto, KonsulTayo, at Manalo — designed for participants to have an engaging experience in health education and consultation. Sumali at Matuto: Participants learned common signs and symptoms of prevalent diseases such as Tuberculosis, Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS), Hypertension, and Cancer along with their risk factors at the Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) booths. KonsulTayo: Participants were encouraged to consult with Primary Care Providers (PCPs) for medical advice and were provided with the knowledge they needed to confidently navigate healthcare delivery networks. Manalo: Freebies and prizes were awarded to those who successfully completed the stamps by engaging in the IEC booths.

In collaboration with partner institutions, the first 600 registrants received free consultations, basic diagnostic services, and medications to address the healthcare needs of the patients. Free services offered include HIV screening, testing, and counseling, family planning, and reproductive healthcare, health promotion and counseling, and cervical cancer screening for women in honor of National Women’s Month.

For continuity of care, the National Health Fair linked patients to providers through patient navigation, referral networks, and accessible specialty centers and PCPs.

“Through the Tara, KonsulTayo! National Health Fair, we strengthen our commitment to better health-seeking behavior and health awareness of Filipinos. It is important that we empower individuals with precise and reliable information, urging them to embrace regular testing and early screening services to mitigate the risk of diseases. Our goal is to guarantee access to high-quality healthcare for every Filipino towards Universal Health Care Dahil sa Bagong Pilipinas, Bawat Buhay Mahalaga,” said DOH Secretary Teodoro J. Herbosa.