Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III on Thursday announced that the Department of Health (DOH) bagged the Silver Award for Excellence in Launch/Relaunch Marketing for the information campaign “B.I.D.A. Solusyon sa COVID-19” during the Marketing Excellence Awards held on January 28, 2022.

As reminding pillars of the minimum public health standards, B.I.D.A, which stands for:  B – awal walang mask, I – sanitize ang mga kamay, D – umistansya ng isang metro, at A – lamin ang totoong impormasyon (Always wear your mask, wash/sanitize your hands, do physical distancing, and verify information.), encourages every Juan and Juana to become part of the country’s solution in halting the spread of COVID-19.  

Celebrating this milestone, Dr. Beverly Lorraine Ho, DOH Director for Health Promotion Bureau (HPB) said that the B.I.D.A Solusyon sa COVID-19 successfully reached thousands of households across the Philippines, helping the country at a very crucial point in our history by increasing public awareness towards preventive measures against COVID-19.

Partner companies helped fund and distribute campaign materials that highlighted the message “How the COVID-19 Crisis Made Heroes Out of Every Filipino”. The DOH said that the creation of B.I.D.A. Solusyon was made possible through a grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The grant from USAID demonstrated the importance of providing humanitarian support to agencies and groups that aim to help alleviate the hardships in communities all over the world.

Underlining the message “Every Filipino is part of the solution to win the fight against the pandemic”, the campaign employed a whole-of-society and nation approach that helped develop and distribute campaign literature. This has transcended to businesses that still continue to adopt the campaign for their own initiatives by developing their own campaigns inspired by B.I.D.A’s messaging.

“The Filipino culture of Bayanihan and solidarity were major factors in the campaign’s success, calling Filipinos to act in unison to protect their families and communities. As the pandemic continues to  loom over the country, we hope that the message is still being taken to heart, and spurs every Filipino to do their part in controlling the spread of the virus,” said Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III.
GeiserMaclang Inc. (GMCI) Co-founder Amor Maclang furthered that the campaign highlighted the inherent Filipino trait of Bayanihan, a practice of rallying the local community to assist a fellow Filipino in need.

The partnership and hard work of all stakeholders allowed its initiatives to reach magnanimous heights. This resonates with the general public who continuously adhere to set health standards and protocols rooted from the very core of the B.I.D.A Solusyon sa COVID-19 campaign.

“This recognition is a testament to the importance of strategic and effective communications during a global public health crisis. We share this award with the rest of the Filipino people who joined our call for collective action to achieve protection for the community against COVID-19,” added Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III.