The Department of Health today assured that supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) in the country are enough and that distribution of PPEs across health facilities in the country will continue.

Amid the observed increase in cases and the need for distribution of supplemental PPEs in health facilities, the DOH, from March 18-31, has distributed more than 190,000 supplemental PPE supplies to thirteen government hospitals in the National Capital Region, and more than half a million supplies distributed to eight (8) Centers for Health Development (CHD) across the country.

The DOH is also currently prioritizing the delivery of PPE supplies to hospitals and CHDs in high and critical-risk areas to immediately replenish their stocks and provide constant protection of healthcare workers from the viral transmission.

In CHD-NCR alone, 7,000 sets of 210,000 assorted PPEs, N95 masks and heavy duty gloves were pulled out and distributed on March 23, 2021. On the other hand, 114,000 sets of PPEs have been partially delivered to CHDs in Regions I, II, III, IV-A, and Cordillera Administrative Region, and 190,000 sets have been distributed to CHDs in Regions IV-B and V.

To further augment the supplies of protective equipment in hospitals with high healthcare utilization rates, separate supply of assorted PPEs, N95 masks and heavy duty gloves have also been dispatched to the Lung Center of the Philippines, East Avenue Medical Center, Philippine Orthopedic Center, and other DOH COVID-referral hospitals in the NCR.

While supplies of PPEs remain sufficient, the DOH recognizes the need to continuously provide supplemental PPEs to health facilities which is why the Department has placed orders for additional PPE supplies.

“We cannot let our healthcare workers fight their everyday battle at the forefront without armor. We assure our HCWs that your government is exhausting every effort to protect all of you through both continuous provision of protective equipment and continuous vaccination,” DOH Secretary Francisco T. Duque III said.