A technical issue with the case collection systems resulted in lower reporting of COVID-19 death counts over the past week. The said issue caused incomplete fatality numbers and data to be encoded and as a result, there were 341 deaths prior to April 2021 that went unreported. The number of deaths reported today (382) already includes the said deaths not reported in previous counts.

Despite the additional cases, the cumulative case fatality rate for the Philippines remains low at 1.7%, and the average deaths per day for March is at 28—comparable to the 27 average deaths per day seen in February and lower than the 32 average deaths per day last January. There has been no reported spike in the number of deaths anywhere in the country.

Upon learning of the system malfunction, the DOH Epidemiology Bureau’s COVID-19 Surveillance Quick Action Unit took immediate action. The technical issue has been resolved, and the COVID-19 dashboard now reflects the submitted numbers.

The Department is continuously working to ensure consistent monitoring and maintenance of its information systems to ensure that they operate correctly. The DOH also calls on disease reporting units, local government units, and health facilities to ensure submission of complete and timely information of cases and deaths which are vital in guiding our COVID-19 response strategies and interventions.