DOH Clarifies the Process in the Signing of Pfizer CDA

Press Release | 16 December 2020


In response to the alleged delays in the progress of the vaccine deal with Pfizer, the Department of Health (DOH) maintains that it has acted with urgency and in accordance with the protocols of the government.


The DOH stands clear that while the Department wants to expedite the process, there are systems and protocols in place and we cannot cut corners. 


From the time the DOH was instructed to sign on behalf of the Philippine Government, the DOH legal and technical teams worked closely with Pfizer to finalize the agreement and negotiate on several contentious provisions. After a thorough review process with the concerned agencies, including the Office of the President, the Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) was signed the same day it was finalized.


The Health Secretary clarified this in today's Media Forum, “There is no such thing as dropping the ball. Negotiations are ongoing. In fact Sec. Galvez signed a CDA with Pfizer in November. He will be in the best position to answer questions on the status of our negotiations with them.”


The DOH, as a member of the Vaccine Cluster under Secretary Carlito Galvez, is doing everything to ensure that the country has access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines. 


We would like to remind everyone that while we wait for the vaccine, let us not be complacent. Let us continue adhering to the minimum public health standards and let the gift of safety be our present to our loved ones this holiday season.