Legal Service

General Functions

To guide the Deparment in its internal and external dealings, the Legal Service is tasked to provide legal representation, advice and opinions on matters relevant to the DOH's mandate, policies, rules and regulations. And conduct investigations on adminitrative complaints/ cases.

Trial and Investigation Division

Specific Functions

  • Conducts Preliminary Investigations on administrative complaints
  • Acts as Chairperson/ Prosecutor or Legal Adviser in the conduct of formal investigations in administrative cases pending before Central Office, CHDs, hospitals / medical centers and other attached agencies
  • Provides capacity building for legal officers of DOH Regional Offices, Hospitals and Attached agencies
  • Assists in fact-finding committees
  • Represents teh Department in court cases ibn collaboration with the Office of the Solicitor General
  • Drafts decision/ resolution of appealed decisions on adminitrative, consumer and regulation cases
  • Performs other legal functions as may be assigned by the Secretary

Legal Research and Assistance

Specific Functions

  • Reviews department issuances, contracts and other agreements
  • Provides legal advise and opinion on DOH policies, programs, operational matters, laws, rules and regulations
  • Provides legal assistance as member of Technical Working Group (TWGs)
  • Acts as legal adviser for DOH Committees
  • Provides legal guidance in writeshops
  • Provides assistance in drafting of bills/ position papers affecting the Department
  • Provides legal support in administratiove proceedings before other government agencies on matters not relating to complaints
  • Provide guidance in negotiation proceedings involving the Department
  • Acts as legal counsel of the Secretary
  • Perform other legal functions as may be assigned by the Secretary


Last Updated: October 23, 2017