Knowledge Management and Information Technology Service


  • Formulate plans, policies, programs and standards  for systems  & process improvement, systems and software development,  establishment and maintenance of information and communication technology (ICT)  solutions including related security requirements and  management of  data, information and knowledge sources  and  systems;
  • Develop and manage the management information system and knowledge systems of the  DOH including the health portal;
  • Conduct systems & process engineering, software development, software configuration management;
  • Develop  and manage the DOH corporate database, data warehouse,   other health information resources, library services and document management and archiving services;
  • Develop and manage the DOH ICT infrastructure and provide ICT related- services  to  the DOH including  computer networking and voice communications services and data exchange;
  • Manage the literacy and training services for   health human resources on various ICTs, KM  tools and applications including information and knowledge management;
  • Conduct research and development on  systems and software engineering, network management, database management, knowledge system and other ICT-related  solutions  or applications that may applicable for the DOH or health sector ;
  • Coordinate and work with various DOH units,  other government agencies and health partners   on eHealth and  health data/information/ knowledge  management and  in the  implementation of the  eGovernment  Master Plan  and the Philippine  Digital Strategy ; and
  • Advise the Secretary of Health on matters pertaining to information and knowledge management systems and services, and ICT-related services


1. Systems and Software Engineering Division

Specific Functions

  • Provides services related to information system planning, research and development, including corporate database design, systems analysis, design and integration and maintenance.
  • Provides services related to software and web page development and management including systems and software configuration management, approval of information systems changes, upgrades and procurements.
  • Develops systems audit and control and systems security.
  • Develops and operates national health information
  • Provides information technology support services including training and education and development and implementation of standards related to system and software engineering

2. Information Technology and Infrastructure Security Division

Specific Functions

  • Plans, develops and administers DOH database including data planning, processing, manipulation and storage and ensures data integrity and security.
  • Manages information infrastructure to include the computer center operation, data and telecommunication network management, Internet and intranet and computer system upgrades, procurements and maintenance.
  • Conducts researches on available new technology solutions and ensures that DOH is informed on rapidly advancing computing technology as it applies to DOH functions.
  • Conducts technology contingency and capacity planning.
  • Develops and maintains programming templates and shells.
  • Develops, implements and maintains IT standards related to database and network management.
  • Provides technical support including training and continuing end-user education related to databases and network operations and management

3. Knowledge Management Division

Specific Functions

  • Provides services related to document and records management including collection, dissemination, sharing and access to various corporate data and information using various technologies.
  • Operates and maintains Internet and intranet application systems.
  • Operates and maintains DOH telecommunication and data systems.
  • Manages DOH library resources including software licenses and various documentations of IT application systems.
  • Provides IT user support services including training, education and support management related to information management.
  • Provide IT consulting services including user coordination, local system development support and information retrieval.


Last Updated: July 2017