Health Promotion and Communication Service (HPCS)

General Functions

  • Develop directions, policies, standards and guidelines pertaining to health promotion
  • Provide policy advice to partner agencies related to the health determinants
  • Provide technical assistance to Central Office cluster/bureau, Regional Offices and retained hospitals on health promotion
  • Take the leadership in the implementation of national campaigns as determined by DOH management
  • Provide health promotion data to CO, Regional Health Offices, Retained Hospitals  and other partners
  • Develop, produce and provide IEC materials to CO, Regional Health Offices, retained hospitals and other partners
  • Establish networks with partners especially those involved in peace, shelter, livelihood, education, food, income, eco-system, social relations, equity, poverty, social justice, empowerment of women and human rights


Communication Multimedia  Development Division

Specific Functions

  • Provide leadership in the development and production of IEC prototype materials for DOH campaigns
  • Provide technical expertise on communication planning and creative materials development for various audiences
  • Develop communication plans for all health campaigns
  • Provide communication research data to CO, Regional Health Offices and other partners
  • Produce, market and disseminate IEC products and services
  • Implement and monitor media placement in various formats (print, cinema, TV and Radio, Social Media, Outdoor)

Media and External Relations Division

Specific Functions

  • Provide leadership in the development of Health Promotion strategies based on health promotion policies, standards and guidelines
  • Provide technical expertise pertaining to health promotion strategies and social mobilization
  • Review existing policies of partner agencies with impact on health for policy advise and other collaborative strategies
  • Develop models and Facilitate research  on Health Promotion strategies
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of Health Promotion activities at Regional Health Offices and Retained Hospitals
  • Provide technical assistance and coordination in regards with media concerns and press releases, press conference of the Department of Health
  • Provide leadership, in coordination with other DOH clusters, on policy advocacy for health promotion issues  


Last Updated: August 29, 2017