Health Human Resource Development Bureau

General Functions

The HHRDB is tasked to lead the efforts of the DOH in HRH programs and activities mainly through policy recommendations, standards development, capacity building, technical and logistical assistance and networking. 

HHRBD has two major categories of clients:

  1. Organizational clients include personnel and offices within the DOH Central Office, regional offices, attached agencies, and DOH hospitals.
  2. Sectoral clients are those from the local government units and other stakeholders. 


The Bureau has four divisions and one unit namely:

Career Development and Management Division

  1. Manages pre-service scholarship program
  2. Manages the DOH Human Resources for Health Deployment Program
  3. Installs and maintains HR systems for career development (succession planning)
  4. Maintains the Bureau Quality Management System

Learning and Development Division

  1. Implements the Learning and Development Management System (a. assessment, b. design, c. delivery, d. evaluation) for DOH Staff and sectoral HRH
  2. Develops competency-based learning and development interventions, including online learning 
  3. Maintains the database of organizational learning and development information

Planning and Standards Division

  1. Consolidates Bureau financial plans, and accomplishment reports
  2. Develops and/or manages the HRH information systems
  3. Maintains the HRH Network Philippines
  4. Reviews local and international HRH policies, researches, and standards

 Administrative Unit

  1. Provide administrative services to the Bureau such as canvassing, ocular inspection and accounting for supplies, materials and venue; processing of vouchers, contracts
  2. Manage building and office equipment repair and maintenance
  3. Manage office supplies and equipment including their procurement, distribution, security and monitoring
  4. Manage office documents including their receipt, delivery, tracking and security 



Last Updated: January 26, 2021