Health Emergency Management Bureau

General Functions

  • Acts as the DOH Coordinating unit and Operation Center for all health emergencies and disasters, as well as incidents with the potential of becoming an emergency, and coordinate the mobilization and sharing of resources.
  • Provides the communication linkage among DOH Central Office and other concerned agencies, including the hospitals and the regions, during emergencies and disasters.
  • Maintains updated information of all health emergencies and disasters (except epidemiological investigation reports) and provide such information to other offices and agencies in accordance with existing protocols.
  • Maintains a database of all health emergency personnel, technical experts, and resource speakers. Together with the National Center for Health Facilities Development (NCHFD), HEMB maintains a database of capabilities of health facilities.
  • Leads in the development of Disaster Risk Reduction & Management in Health (DRRMH) Plan and the development of protocols, guidelines and standards for health emergency management.
  • Provides technical assistance in the development of programs and planning activities for HEM for other government and non-government organizations.
  • Leads advocacy activities, including simulation exercises.
  • Develops and implements an Integrated Human Resource Training Agenda for the Health Sector for emergencies and disasters.
  • Leads in the networking of hospitals and health sector organizations responding to emergencies and disasters.
  • Monitors and evaluates the enforcement of compliance to policies, and recommend the formulation or amendment of policies related to health emergency management.


Prevention, Mitigation & Preparedness Division

Specific Functions

  • Develops, disseminates, and monitors the implementation of policies for health emergency preparedness.
  • Develops standardized training modules for various stakeholders on health emergency
  • Develops, disseminates and updates emergency preparedness programs
  • Develops policy-related and operational researches and documentation relevant to health emergency preparedness that will serve as inputs for policy development and program/systems improvement.
  • Develops well-performing managerial human resources for health emergency management
  • Provides technical assistance to ensure the availability of functional health emergency preparedness systems (including policies, planning and capability building activities) at all levels of the health sector.
  • Provides technical assistance to ensure delivery of appropriate services in time of emergencies and disasters.
  • Develops and implements an overall Monitoring and Evaluation System and Plan for health emergency management
  • Leads in public information and awareness-raising activities

Response, Recovery & Rehabilitation Division

Specific Functions

  • Mobilizes resource of technical experts, health response teams and tangible logistics needed locally and internationally.
  • Manages information through rapid health assessment, damage assessment and needs analysis in response, recovery and rehabilitation phases of disaster.
  • Plans and develops policies & guidelines essential in the implementation & management of projects, programs and activities relevant to emergency and disaster response, recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Develops and capacitates human resource of regional offices, operation centers and local government units in responding to emergencies and disasters.
  • Monitors and evaluates activities and systems like EWS, RHA, SPEED and PDANA.

Operation Center

Specific Functions

  • Monitors all health and health-related events on a 24/7 basis, including all national events, mass gatherings, and international events with potential impact to the Philippines
  • Monitors all DOH implementation and response efforts to activation of Code Alerts (White, Blue, Red)
  • Prepares timely reports as needed by the situation and properly disseminated to the Secretary of Health, the DOH Executive Committee and  NDRRMC and other concerned offices
  • Coordinates all health-related response efforts to major health emergencies and disasters
  • Facilitates the issuance of appropriate warnings to the ROs and health facilities in anticipation of impending emergencies
  • Coordinates and monitors the mobilization of technical experts and all types of medical teams needed in emergencies and disasters
  • Coordinates and monitors the mobilization of all logistical requirements of the Department of Health needed in the affected region
  • Deploys Emergency Officers to the NDRRMC Operation Center, as per Office Order/standard operating procedure, when their Red Alert status is activated and serve as the official DOH representative to liaise between the NDRRMC and DOH OpCen
  • Ensures that communication equipment (e.g., radio, mobile phones) are at any time available, functional and ready for use in emergencies and disasters
  • Utilizes various information and communication technologies (ICT) in the dissemination of early warning and other appropriate information to stakeholders and the public
  • Addresses public queries appropriately and serves as the DOH hotline as need arises
  • Documents all health emergencies and disasters and ensures proper storage and filing of all important documents

Administrative Unit

  • Maintains proper recording, safekeeping, easy access, and archiving of all pertinent official records and documents of the Office.
  • Leads in the development of guidelines and policies pertaining to administrative concerns.
  • Renders technical assistance to all staff and other offices with regards to administrative concerns.
  • Prepares and monitors the processing of all financial transactions relevant to HEM.
  • Assists in the preparation of Annual Procurement Plan, Operational Plan and Work and Financial Plan .
  • Prepares and monitors monthly Budget Utilization Report.
  • Maintains a working environment conducive to the productivity of employees through secure and well-maintained facilities.
  • Ensures  functionality  and safekeeping  as well as preventive maintenance of equipment, vehicles and other utilities/facilities
  • Ensures that all necessary supplies and  materials  are readily available at any given time
  • Prepares and files all necessary documents for the compensation and other benefits of all HEMB personnel


Last Updated: August 30, 2017