Bureau of International Health Cooperation (BIHC)

General Functions

  • Promotes and sustains international partnership through agreements and other instrumentalities;
  • Enhances policies, plans, agreements and systems for international cooperation/ partnership
  • Establishes effective systems and mechanisms for collaboration/ coordination
  • Monitor FAPs Plans, Bilateral/Multilateral Agreements


1. International Relations Division

Specific Functions

  • Forges/manages bilateral agreements, international commitments and initiatives; such as on Tobacco Control, Trade and Migrants Health
  • Ensures active participation of DOH officials/staff in international fora commitments and promote representation through facilitation of international travels/fellowships and human resource development activities;
  • Ensures effective technical exchanges and efficient mobilization of foreign resources by updating systems ON and facilitating the conduct of Foreign Medical Missions; Foreign Donations; and Foreign Visits

2. Project Monitoring Division

Specific Functions

  • Leads in managing Foreign Assisted Projects (FAPs);
  • Develops and operationalizes policies and systems for Project Monitoring and Evaluation; and
  • Implements the Sector Development Approach for Health (SDAH) and ensures the effective implementation of SDAH mechanisms with the Development Partners through:
  1. Health Partners Meeting (HPM)
  2. Joint Assessment and Monitoring and Evaluation (JAME)
  3. Development Partner Scorecard (DPS)

Last Updated: August 31, 2017