Administrative Service

General Functions

  • Provide the DOH with efficient and effective service related to general services such as but not limited to housekeeping, security, maintenance of facilities, janitorial services, grounds maintenance, utility payments, logistics management, warehousing, distribution, payments and importations, property management and disposal of unserviceable property.
  • Formulates and plans programs related to facility, equipment and motor vehicle maintenance, custodial works. Logistics management and other administrative concerns and services.
  • Maintains a working environment conducive to the productivity of the employees by making available well secured and well maintained facilities.
  • Renders technical assistance to other Offices and other health facilities with regard to administrative and logistics concerns.
  • Coordinates/collaborates and maintains liaison work with other Agencies regarding support to operations (STO) concerns.


1. General Services Division

Specific Functions:

  • To provide general custodial services including housekeeping, maintenance of equipment and buildings, provision and maintenance of motor vehicles at all times especially during emergencies.
  • Manages, supervises and evaluates outsourced janitorial services.
  • Formulates and implements policies and guidelines on the use, maintenance and upgrading of DOH facilities and motor vehicles.
  • Handles the centralized processing of mandatory utility billings of the Agency.
  •  Initiates contracting out of services for Janitorial, Pest Control, etc.

2. Personnel Administration Division

Specific Functions

  • Develops plans, programs, procedures, policies and standards related to Health Human Resource (HHR) management and administration.
  • Develops and  implement a comprehensive and a balanced HHR management systems and programs designed to promote morale, integrity and to raise the level of efficiency, effectiveness, responsiveness and  progressiveness.
  • Processes documents on appointments, leave applications, separation, magna carta, etc.
  • Administers employees’ compensation and  other benefits.
  •  Administers grievance machinery and Employess Suggestions Incentives and Awards Systems (ESIAS).
  • Plans, develops and administers HHR transactions such as: Selection and placement, Classification and pay, Career and employee development, Performance rating, Employee relations and welfare services, separation


Last Updated: September 13, 2017