Official NVOC Advisory
NVOC Advisory No. Title Date
126 Guidance on the Booster Strategy for Vaccine Recipients with Sinopharm as Primary Dose Series October 25, 2022
162 Advisory on the Applicable DOH Policies on COVID-19 Vaccination and NVOC Advisories June 30, 2022
164 Guidance on the Administration of Additional Dose of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to the Non - Immunocompromised Pediatric A3 and Rest of the Pediatric Population ages 12-17 years old June 29, 2022
163 Advisory on the Transfer of the Functions of the National Vaccination Operations Center to the Public Health Services Team, Department of Health June 27, 2022
161 Guidance on the Interval of Depot MedroxyProgesterone Acetate (DMPA) Injection with COVID-19 Vaccination June 22, 2022
160 Guidance on the Booster Strategy for COVID-19 vaccine Recipients with Heterologous Primary Dose Series June 15, 2022
159 Dissemination of Updated “RESBAKUNA Updates: Town Hall for Barangay Health Workers (BHWs)” Materials & Presentations June 03, 2022
158 Advisory on Archiving of the Vaccination Reports through the DICT Vaccination Operations Reporting System (VORS) May 31, 2022
156 Urgent Reminders in Ramping Up COVID-19 Vaccination in View of Omicron BA.4 Subvariant in the Country May 23, 2022
155 Further Guidance to Address the Latest Concerns on the National COVDI-19 Vaccine Deployment and Vaccination Program May 20, 2022
154 Guidance on the Vaccination Rollout for Second Booster Doses to Priority Groups A1: Workers in Essential Health Services and A2: Senior Citizens May 19, 2022
153 Guidance on the Length of Safekeeping of Informed Consent Forms for COVID-19 Pediatric Vaccinations For Ages 5-17 May 13, 2022