9. How much is the rate of OCA? | Magkano ang rate ng OCA?

The rate of OCA per COVID-19 Risk Exposure Classification of HCWs and non-HCWs shall be as follows:

COVID-19 Risk Exposure Classification    Rate
1. High                                                            PhP9,000.00
2. Moderate                                                    PhP6,000.00
3. Low                                                             PhP3,000.00


Nakadepende ang rate ng OCA sa COVID-19 Risk Exposure Classification ng mga HCW o non-HCW. Narito ang mga sumusunod na rate:

COVID-19 Risk Exposure Classification      Rate
1. High                                                               Php 9,000.00
2. Moderate                                                        Php 6,000.00
3. Low                                                                Php 3,000.00