How will points be given in the Type of Health Facility Criteria?

Type of Health Facility
1. Hospitals, regardless of level of service - 3 POINTS
2. Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facility (TTMF), Isolation/Quarantine facility  - 3 POINTS
3. Testing Center and/or Laboratory, Swabbing Site  - 3 POINTS
4. Vaccination Site, duly authorized by the DOH or local government units  - 2 POINTS
5. Rural Health Unit, Barangay Health Station, Primary Care Facilities (including infirmary), Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers, Birthing Clinic, Ambulatory Clinic, and Health-Related Establishment - 2 POINTS:
6. DOH-Central Office (CO), Center for Health Development (CHD), Attached Agencies, Provincial/City Health Office, and Local Government Health Office   - 1 POINT