What shall be the classroom layout and structure of the schools?

1. Specify physical design of chairs and classroom arrangements that ensure proper physical distancing

2. Seats must be at least 1 meter at the minimum to 2 meters apart

3. Follow required number of maximum learners in each classroom

  • Kindergarten: 12
  • Grade 1-3: 16
  • Grade 4-6: 20
  • Grade 7-10: 20
  • Grade 11-12: 20
  • TVL: 12

4. Limited number of learners on scheduled days

  • Schools days shorter complemented by online class
  • Increased learning hours in school but less number of school days in a week
  • Same set or pods of students and staff in contact with each other

5. Ventilation

  • All classrooms must have working electric fans, and windows and doors shall be open at all times to
  • In air-conditioned spaces, filters such as high- efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration air purifiers can be used to clean recirculated air, provided that the unit is adequate for the size of the room
  • Use of CO2 monitoring devices to achieve an air change rate of 6 to 12 Air Change per Hour (ACH)